Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Lesson Learned: 11-Year-Old Cupcake Dealer Believes She's Above The Law

Article: Frosted: Health Department Shuts Down 11-year-old’s Cupcake Business


An 11-year-old girl earns money to buy a car by selling cupcakes to friends and family. She also donates the confectionery goods to fundraisers to help those in need. However, the Health Department caught wind of her nefarious actions and laid the authoritative smack-down on Chloe and her unsanctioned business due to her lack of permit and certified kitchen.

A symbol of injustice.

Lesson Learned:

Children think they are impervious to the undiscriminating fist of the law. To them, the law is like the inconsistent writings of a blogger, namely one called Chiz: The point of the law is not always clear and typically holds no significance. Chloe is no exception to this gross generalization.

If anything, the Health Department saved Chloe. The repercussions of her selfish, thoughtless actions could have caused her heartache and tons and tons of money. Just imagine, Mr. Beggard buys a cupcake from Chloe. Little does Mr. Beggard know, the cupcake he ate does not sit well with the two liters of gin and four double-bacon cheeseburgers he consumed three minutes prior. Now, guess who's going to wind up footing the bill for the two minutes Mr. Beggard spent spewing technicolor all over his bathroom? Someone has to be responsible for his brief bout of barfing. If not for the Health Department, Chloe would likely wind up paying the $100,000 in damages to Mr. Beggard caused by her negligence.

If you won't listen to me, at least listen to Jesus.

Now, if I was Chloe's mother, I'd turn her in the direction of a safer and more rewarding business: Drug dealing. But doesn't the country pour billions of dollars into fighting the War on Drugs? Yes, there lies the issue. Drug dealers who are just getting their feet wet are the main targets in this war. However, with enough hard work and perseverance, Chloe could escape this dangerous group and become one of the main suppliers, the people in the business least likely to be caught.

Chloe's already shown her disrespect of the law, but she's also demonstrated something else: Her dedication to hard work and forward thinking. I believe she has the attitude and willpower it takes to one day lead a cartel and cast aside this disgusting, selfish confectionery business.

I guess this is a female Scarface.