Thursday, August 22, 2013

Netflix Streaming: Hidden Gems

Sorry for my absence (I feel as though I say that a lot). I’ve been working on my WIP hardcore lately and am lacking in creativity when it comes to the blog; so, unfortunately, I have somewhat of a boring post for you today.

Netflix Streaming has a few hidden gems that I feel more people should know about. So I decided to dump a few of them on you (granted some might be a bit more popular than I expect) seeing as a majority of the population has some access to a Netflix account. Bah, anyway, here we go:


Are you a fan of anime? Do you enjoy martial arts films? Foreign films? How ‘bout some magical bunny and rat demons? If you answer no to any of those, then perhaps you should continue down the list.

This movie puts Western action films to shame. Sure, the main character has to shake off a few cobwebs, but it’s not long before he’s light on his toes and ready to go—unlike the recent string of action flicks where the protagonist is severely crippled during the epic, final battle (I’m looking at you Ironman 1, 2, and 3! How is it that Tony Stark’s armor is damaged in every freakin’ movie!). Erm, anyway. This film is centered on Korean folklore, and is not short on fast-paced fighting sequences mixed with a bit of comedy. Also, for a Korean film, the CGI is pretty damn good.

Not quite a hidden gem, but I’m including it as I wasn’t aware of the movie until about a year ago.

Follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt, from when he wasn’t super but just moderately relevant, as he deals with varying social cliques in an attempt to solve the murder of his high school crush. I was a bit hesitant about watching this movie, too, after reading the somewhat lame-sounding synopsis, but trust me, this movie is packed with gripping scenes and intense dialogue.

John Dies at the End
Again, not quite a hidden gem; it was in select theaters for a time. H’anyway:

A drug dubbed Soy Sauce allows the user to transcend time and space. This psychpharmaceutical permits the passing of inter-dimensional monsters into our realm, and it’s up to Dave and John to prevent the world’s end. I really can’t provide much of a summary as the film is too insane to put into words, but it does have Paul Giamati Giamaati Giamatti, who just so happens to be one of my favorite actors. I’d strongly suggest a viewing.

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
When the Necronomicon is discovered in a small town high school… uhh, all hell breaks loose. Damn, that sounds cheesy, but that’s the gist of the plot. Students are confronted by the book when they are at their weakest and are granted what they most desire… but at a cost (I can’t stay away from the clichés). Despite being a hilarious show, the series actually has some depth. Unfortunately, this glorious show was canceled after just two seasons (Don’t base it off that. Hell, take a look at what happened to Firefly).

I Sell the Dead
This film follows the account of a corpse collector destined for the chopping block. He narrates his adventures with his counterpart as they happen upon supernatural entities while performing their undesirable trade.

It’s a comedy, so don’t let the horror label fool you. The scariest part about this movie is that it doesn’t have more recognition.

Well, it’s got Paul Giamatti. And, uhh, it’s about gory, medieval warfare. Damn, I’m running out of steam. Basically, it’s about 13th-century England around the time King John was terrorizing the country with a barbarian army. The story is about a handful of Templars who fought to defend Rochester Castle after easily seizing it from King John.


It’s a zombie flick that takes place entirely in a radio station. Some people found the movie a bit too outlandish, but there is no way you can discredit it on its originality. I say go in this one with an open mind. Plus, Stephen McHattie is a pretty damn good actor in this film.