Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Off-Season Fantasy Football! Oh, and some updates.

With the NFL season already halfway over, I'm becoming ever more wary of what I'll have left to look forward to post football. The universe-shattering hits, games that are determined by mere millimeters, the excitement of a fourth and 1, and above all else, fantasy football. That's why I've taken it upon myself to invent something football fans can look forward to during the off-season:

Off-Season Fantasy Football!

But Chiz, how is it suppose to work?
It's very simple. The draft is composed similar to a regular fantasy draft. You choose players that you believe have the most redeeming qualities. However, instead of tracking their stats in turns of yardage and TDs, you'll track how well your players perform in the real world. Here's a list of examples of how the scoring system will work:

-Player donates to charity (3pts.)
-Player endorces a worthy cause (2pts.)
-Player participates in any variation of Make-A-Wish (2pts.)
-Player appears in a commercial that is actually worth a chuckle (1pt.)
-Player makes a funny guest appearance on a television show (1pt.)

-Player makes an absolutely unlaughable commercial that's so unbearable that it contains the capacity to ruin your entire day (-1pt.)
-Player uses racist/homophobic slur (-1pt.)
-Player sleeps with a pornstar (-1pt.)
-Player goes bankrupt (-2pts.)
-Player appears on a reality television show (-2pts.)
-Player shoots someone in the leg (-3pts.)
-Player shoots himself in the leg (-4pts.)
-Player headbutts his wife (-5pts.)
-Player runs a dogfighting compound in their backyard (-7pts.)
-Player accused of raping someone in a bathroom stall (-20pts.)
-Player appears on Dancing With the Stars (Automatic Loss)

It's a work in progress, but I think with enough dedication, I can actually get this thing off the ground and gain a massive following. If you have any further ideas that may enhance this project, fire away!

In Other News

As most of you know, I’m thinking about starting up a new blog/website (read the last post if you're uninformed). I drew up a few characters for your viewing pleasure (Carl not included, though I have a draft of how he’ll look):

(See if you can match the character to the corresponding Sin)

I drew the characters on Paint.Net which I’m still not all that familiar with so excuse the bumpiness of the drawings. And before you ask, I don't know why they have button eyes.

Anyway, I’m still not exactly sure what it is I want to do. So I’m going to lay out a few option and you guys can vote on which sounds best/most feasible.

Option 1:

Use the blog as Carl’s personal journal where he muses about life and/or current event where the varying 7 deadly sins input their opinions. It’ll essentially be like a verbose comic strip without cool pictures.

Option 2:

Use the blog as Carl’s personal journal, except have only one of the 7 deadly sins features per post. For instance, if Carl is being passive about an aggravating situation, have Wrath evoke some sort of violent response out of him.

Option 3:

Rent out a domain and ditch the Carl idea, essentially making a universal blog. In other words, use each of the 7 deadly sins as links to sections of the catering to certain subjects.
For example,
Gluttony: Food/Dining
Lust: Fashion
Envy: Cool electronics/devices
Greed: Economics
Wrath: Sports
Pride: Self help
Sloth: Video games/Entertainment
(Will require additional writers)

Option 4:

Make it an advice blog where people submit questions and get advice according to the 7 deadly sins. (May require additional writers).

Those are just a few options, and I’m up to any suggestions you may have.

In other other news, somehow Sandy didn’t affect my town all that much. My girlfriend’s car was serial crushed by two trees, and I’m miraculously sitting here with everything still intact.

Also, my offer on a condo was approved today. Woo!


  1. I think offer 1 and 4 are the best options, and the sins are looking good. I do know what Paint.net is, I use it myself a fair bit. I'm glad Sandy didn't get you too badly. The fantasy football for the off-season sounds pretty good too. I'm not interested in football, and so have no interest in fantasy football, but I like the sounds of the off season version.

    1. Thanks for your input, Mark! Yeah, my town must've been between the cracks of Sandy. The hurricane we had last summer was much worse. Also, maybe I'll ditch the whole Cardinal idea and make millions off this make-believe fantasy football league.

  2. Apparently I missed the last post relating to me understanding part of this one. However you did make me want to watch the movie Seven again so that's a plus.

    And Donald Driver on Dancing was NOT an automatic loss. One of the classiest guys in the league. I was super-pumped he got to score a touchdown Sunday to help beat the Fags...I mean Jags. How many players today would take a huge pay cut to stay with their team, play a very reduced role (after being the star of said team), and be excited and ready to play every game. Class all the way.

    And I use paint.net a lot. In fact I think I turned you on to it when you were wanting to tweak your header picture many months ago...yes?

    1. Oh, great movie. Though, the first time I saw it I was under the influence of things that made it very terrifying for me.

      And to tell you the truth, I never knew Donald Driver was on Dancing With the Stars. I only knew of Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Warren Sapp, and Ocho. I mean Ocho took a pay cut to be with the Pats, but he was horrific and classless. Glad he's gone.

      Yeah, you turned me on the Paint.Net a while ago. An additonal thanks to you, good sir!

  3. Glad your condo offer was accepted. Before you sign on the dotted line go check to be sure Sandy hasn't pushed it someplace else.

    1. It's on the way home from the train station, and it seemed to be still standing. Unless Sandy snuck in through an open window and trashed the inside.

  4. I like ideas 1 and 3 the best.

    1. Thanks for the input, Laura! Yeah, it seems like Option 1 is in th lead thus far.

  5. If there was an off season fantasy league my team would probably be hit up just like every other team I have. In my money league, where it really matters, I am leading the league in points by a large margin yet I am dead last in the rankings! The points leader sitting at 2-6....total bullshit I tell ya! $50 down the drain!

    I like options 2 and 3. Whichever gets other writers involved.

    1. I think I might have a pretty good idea for your new blog that gets other writers involved but I don't want to post it here. If interested, shoot me an email for a detailed description. danjor21@hughes.net

    2. Yeah, I'm 2-6 in the league I have money riding on as well. And, I HAD the highest amount of points until a rough 2 weeks hit and I fell down hard. Though, I do have the highest average points scored against me if that means anything.

      Also, I sent you an email, hopefully you got it.

    3. Got the email. Response pending...after I get home from work.

    4. Hurry! You're stalling my progress! Just kidding, that's a complete lie. I have no progress beyond these silly little pictures I've posted.

    5. Hurry up and respond, you're stalling your own progress!

    6. Okay, sent you a response.

  6. I'm partial to 1 and 4, but then again, 1 is pretty much my life, and like any human I fear change. Getting other writers involved sounds like a lot of fun and would make it a lot more interactive. I dig that. Just as a warning though, don't put yourself in a position where if one week everyone else is busy, it leaves you completely fucked because you have to do a 3 person job by yourself. Blogger burnout is no fun for anyone.

    1. That's very understandable. That is basically what happened during every one of my group projects for school. But I'm waiting to hear Dan's idea. Maybe he's got something that'll be freakin' sweet.

  7. Love the pics, love the general idea, my vote is for #1, those 'sins' always overlap in my life.

    Great you made it through Sandy'w wrath and cool for the condo, I think.

    1. Thanks! Anyway, I'm leaning toward 1 myself. Though, Dan has a great idea that I'm discussing with him right now.

  8. I vote for number 3 and 4. I came to this decision entirely of my own volition and have not succumbed to peer pressure.

    Glad to hear Hurricane Sandy has left you unharmed. When I heard it was on the way, me and few friends started a Mexican Wave over here. I believe that the wave grew in power so much that it was able to knock the Hurricane off course.

    1. Ooo, 1 and 3 seem to be getting the most votes. I still have no idea what I'm doing, and I'm scared.

      And thank goodness for that! Sandy would've been a lot less manageable if it wasn't for your generous work!

  9. Love that idea...I would understand post season fantasy football waaaay better than I understand regular season!

    Congrats on the condo!

    1. Thanks, Kianwi! Yeah, I think I'd fair well, too. I can usually pin point the players who will get in the most trouble during the off-season.