Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sorry, Busy Week

Sorry I haven't been keeping to my blogging schedule. It's been a busy week what with all the video games collecting dust and food waiting in the fridge to be eaten. Nah, I really have been busy. Though, I have a blog post in mind set for tomorrow seeing as I don't think I'll have time to throw it on the wall today.

So, don't worry. I haven't gone anywhere, and I'll be back soon enough. I just have to loosen my belt enough to remove my hand from my pants.

Also, I will unfortunately just leave you with this for now as I'm writing this at work, and I don't have much time to search for a funny video that usually accompanies most my posts that contain no content. Also, I've been depressed all day because I already new the "Real Fact" under the lid of my Snapple. I wasted all that money to find out a fun fact, and they provided me with nothing but a boner-kill. Now what silly fact will I lay upon some unsuspecting loon on the train?

Bah, anyway. Sorry, I'll have a post up tomorrow.


  1. Haha, awww, poor Chiz. You're ahead of your Snapple Bottle. Let me give you a couple real facts then eh:

    Horned lizards can shoot blood out of their eye sockets up to six feet to scare predators away

    Every time you pee, a small amount of pee enters your mouth through your saliva glands

    When you repeat a word continuously and it loses meaning, it’s called 'jamais vu.'

    A condition called rectovaginal fistula causes women to poop through their vaginas.

    That is all.

    1. I've seen the horned lizard thing, but the 'jamais vu' thing is quite strange. The rest of the stuff just makes me feel like a disgusting creature, haha. Thanks, though! I can feel the knowledge fueling my brain.