Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rise of a BIMBO

I would watch the clan from afar. Was it because I was jealous that I hated them or was it the fact that I could not wrap my mind around their beliefs? To this day I still don’t know. Though, I do know this; I yearned for that smug feeling of self entitlement that was shared amongst the members of the organization. The haughty camaraderie of the clansmen was awe-inspiring.  However, the numbers of the clan have dwindled through the past couple of decades. Their influence lost its voice.  Keeping at this pace, I wouldn’t be surprised if the clan is all but extinct by the end of the century.

The Book is Much Better Organization (BIMBO) has regained much of its ranks with the release of the money-grubbing Harry Potter films. I can still hear the cries of the BIMBO as they tried so hard to enlighten everyone to their superior knowledge of the Harry Potter franchise. If you read the books you would’ve known that! They left out key moments in the books transition onto the big screen!

… The books were so much better…

However, their cries fell upon the deaf ears of the bandwagoners. Yet, I still admired the heart of the BIMBO. But, there was no chance for me to become a BIMBO as there was no foreseeable movie that was based off a popular novel. Was I forever going to belong to the mass of ordinary moviegoers? Stuck in this commonplace of obscurity? No, I would not rob myself of that arrogant attitude I so longed for.

Over the next couple of months, I scoured the vast landscapes of the interwebs. From to Apple Trailers; I was determined to find the next movie based off a book. Armed with Mountain Dew and Smart Food, I weathered the harsh conditions that accompany surfing the internet.  

Then, one day I happened upon it. The Hunger Games? I’ve heard it in passing before, but never thought to pick it up. This was it. This was my chance to become one of the ranks. I could finally become… a BIMBO.

So, I picked up the books and read. Oh, did I read. I remember finishing the first book. The scraggily homeless dude next to me on the train was spitting teeth at me in order to gain my attention, but I was so determined to finish the book than the teeth felt like mere raindrops as the bounced off my temple. After that point, I finished the next two books with ease as nothing else mattered. I found myself easily ignoring the severe smells of the Boston Commuter Rail system, the ear-splitting cackle of the attention-seeking office worker, and all other trials that tried to slow my progression. I finished the trilogy and all of a sudden felt like a scholar. A glimpse of what it must feel like to be a BIMBO.

I had finally finished the books. Now, the only thing left for me to do it await March 23rd, when The Hunger Games hits the big screen. Upon seeing the movie I aim to unleash a flurry of reasons why the book was better than the movie, and I will earn my right to be hailed as a BIMBO!

Sorry If this post wasn't spectacular. You can't expect much from a Patriot's fan after yesterday's atrocities. The bright side is that the Patriot's will gain more fans in third-world countries. 


  1. This is a great post. Books are always better, and that's coming from a movie lover. Definitely gona become a BIMBO!

    1. Haha. Yes, I now know what people mean when they say the book is better than the movie. Come join us in the prestigious ranks.

  2. This made me laugh. Welcome to the club, Chiz. You are officially one of us. Let me know though if the books are in fact better. Sometimes it's the case, sometimes it's not. So perhaps this post is all in vain and you are not truly with us just yet.

    1. That is true. I'm a premature BIMBO. Hopefully, the movie sucks so I can be inducted into the league of BIMBOs.