Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They Wear Shades Just to Hide Their Face

--Because they know for a fact that their cooler than me (lame Mike Posner reference. Who I frankly think is a posner. Sheet, I'm so fuckin' clever).

So, I was thinking. Nothing particular set me off on my rant today besides my dream of concocting a brilliant idea for website that becomes super popular and rakes in the dough while I sit on my ass all day and eat Smart Food. I don’t know.

Anyway, why is it that celebrities spend their whole lives chasing after stardom, yet when they finally achieve it, they try to hide their face from the public? I understand wanting some privacy, but if I ever become famous, I’d never stroll around town in a baggy hoodie and big ass sunglasses. I’d welcome the paparazzi with open arms. The reason why the paparazzi treat most celebrities like shit is because these so-called “superstars” shun the paparazzi and pay them no consideration. If they just smile for the camera or do goofy poses, the paparazzi won’t attempt to get a rise out of them for attention. I realize that the foremost purpose a paparazzi dude is to get goofy photos of a celeb, but why is that such a big deal? I guess I’m just less fazed by it because my friends have publicly humiliated me on several occasions through drunken photos/videos.

I mean paparazzi I guess could be one thing (although I’d personally enjoy it), but hiding your face from the public too? That’s just hypocritical. I mean how do celebrities usually obtain their stardom? It’s through stalking several other celebrities. Yet, they feel that their status is grandiose that they should bar others from doing the same thing? Hell, I may just be ignorant to the whole thing, but I feel as when I walk through the streets, I’d embrace the act lowering my shoulder into a bunch of screaming fans.

Hell! If I were a celebrity and had a gazillion tons of money, I’d adopt like 50 different colored babies (well, maybe not)! And, not to be cliché, I’d top my pool with Jell-O. I would, and I’d pay people to jump in it before me just to make sure it was safe. Then I’d throw sharks in the Jell-O pool and a bleeding carcass to see what would really happen. Would the sharks be able to sense the blood? If so would they be more concerned with escaping the Jell-O or with devouring the bloody carcass? I mean I would never in a million years harm an animal. But, I think about this shit. Not to scare anyone away from my blog, but this shit runs through my mind.
I don’t have the software to show you what I truly believe to be the result.

Anyway, I’ve diverted from the point which is… Celebrities… shouldn’t… have faces? I don’t know. 

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