Friday, January 27, 2012

Recount of a Nightmare

Have you ever had a nightmare that spun you in a funk the whole day? Well, I had one of them babies last night.

So, I know the dream went on a while before this scene, but this is the part I vaguely remember. These people were standing around a little girl in a polka-dotted, red dress with an unmistakable look of horror plastered on their faces. The setting was a brown, run-down amusement park. The girl in the center of the crowd began talking (About what? I don't know) and then proceeded to scream. She was spastically jerking every which way when suddenly, the girl’s body split in half, and numerous, purple tentacles jet out from her body impaling the people standing around her. Everyone but me; I’m but a spectator. She proceeds to lift them a good 15 ft of the ground. Then she simultaneously tears all the peoples’ right arms off taking away a slab from the lower right part of their face down to their hip. She then drops the people who are somehow still alive, and as they hit the ground, they all bounce back up out of the pool of their own blood and start running. My vision hones in on one guy who’s at a steady trot because he can’t run, and for some reason I could read his thoughts as he was running away. He’s was thinking something along the lines of, “I can’t take the pain, but I can’t stop running” if I remember correctly. All the while he was running, his left eye began sagging down his face. A purple tentacle then slams him through the chest and drags him face down through the gravel and back to the mass of people being torn apart.

The scariest part is that these people wanted to died, but were forced to suffer instead while enduring torture that would have killed any normal person instantly. The worst part was hearing the thoughts and desperation of the guy I was following.

But then I realized what was truly the scariest part of the dream… the realization that I’m still having nightmares about monsters when I’m a grown-ass man. Perhaps it has something to do with my overwhelming immaturity or my habit of eating way too much sugar before I go to bed, but I feel as though when a human being reaches a certain point in life, nightmares should only consist of worries such as being late on the rent payment, or forgetting to TiVo an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. If anything, I believe my nightmares have only become more gory and horrifying. I mean, what thought in my mind could’ve conjured up an event such as that portrayed in my dream?

Bah it’s probably because I started reading again. I’m actually putting my imagination to use rather than watching 30 Rock while simultaneously watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

Eh, anyway. Just thought I’d get a quick post in before bed. Probably going to get a lot of hits from people trying to find tentacle porn now.


  1. I had a recurring nightmare when I was a kid about a toy I had. It was an action figure which looked a knock off of Magneto from X Men, but I dreamt that the toy kept following me around. I never saw it move, but I'd open a drawer and it would be there, then I'd go to school and it would be sat on my desk, waiting for me to get there. I had this dream for about two years.

    1. I myself had recurring dreams when I was younger. One of the monsters was a ghost with a curly head and the other was a talking monkey with 6 legs that wore graphic tees. It's pretty hilarious looking back on it now.