Friday, January 6, 2012

My Early Morning Commute

So, I decided to make a tribute to the world’s most famous author, Dr. Seuss. Nah, I’m fuckin’ with you. I just really don’t have anything to write about today. So, here’s a silly dilly poem about my commute into work every morning because I am really just too tired to write anything relevant (not like any of my post have been the slightest bit relevant). (Also, this dude next to me is trying to read my shit. FUCK YOU, GUY!)

Title. Something. Whatever. Fuck it.

On the train into Boston, I assemble. Woohoo!
My shoes fuse to the ground that’s all covered in poo.
I attempt to shut my eyes and drift off to sleep,
When the conductor bends over and slaps on my seat.

“Ticket!” The fat, old woman lets out a shriek.
“One sec!” I yell. Then soon become meek.
She could easily sit on me and squash out my brains.
So, I hand her my ticket and act courteously feign.

Is it time that I can sit back and actually sleep?
Nope! A porker sat down, concaved the bench deep.
Her fat, it runs wild and cuddles my side.
For the love of God! End this fuckin’ ride!

Finally, I step foot on the South Station stage.
Shoved by business fucks, I am enraged!
Oh the hatred, it boils down in my soul,
But, then I realize I fit their same fuckin’ mold.

Is it true? Am I also a terrible fuck?
Condensed in my cubicle, smothered to muck.
My soul it is gone. It fled on to France.
While I live out my life, hand on the dick in my pants.

Sorry, guys. I really don’t hate my life. I just thought that this shit would amuse some similarly insane person like me out there. I will continue on with my normal rants next post. I was just literally too fuckin’ tired to write anything containing substance. But, I wrote it; therefore, I have to post it.

P.S. Yes. I use swears as adjectives to even out the syllables per line.


  1. The more swears the better. They really show emotions :P

  2. I think you should write more poetry when half asleep. You could call it the Dozing Prose Collection.

  3. Hmm. That's actually a great idea. I think I may do that whenever I'm out of material.