Monday, January 9, 2012

My 7 Most Anticipated Films of 2012

This is for those who couldn't read my earlier blog post on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I know; everyone has one of these fuckin' lists on their blog. But, let me tell you this... I'm not original. Therefore, I'm gonna copy them and provide my top movies. I'm going from 7 to 1; 1 being my most anticipated. Here we go!

7) Ted
Mark Wahlberg plays an adult whose childhood wish comes true when his cherished teddy bear comes to life. Not much else is known about the film beside Seth MacFarlane being the director. Why is this movie on my list then? I believe it's an original concept, and we should all know by now how hard those are to come by. I'm picturing something along the lines of the television miniseries Wilfred which (if you haven't seen by now) you should take a gander at.

6) The Divide
A bunch of apartment tenants hold out in the apartment's basement bunker during a nuclear holocaust. The close quarters wears on the tenants both physically and mentally. I'm a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre; therefore, this is an automatic "Fuch Yeah!" for me. 

5) Snow White and the Huntsman
Don't know too much about this film other than the trailer looks pretty epic. Looks to be  an interesting twist on a childhood fairy tail. Everyone's bitching like cacaheads that it has the girl from Twilight, but I've never seen those movies so nothing's spoiled for me.

4) The Avengers
I’m still surprisingly on the fence about this movie. Iron Man and Thor were great movies, but in comparison to Captain America, it’s easy to shine. I’ll leave the Hulk movies out of this seeing as they just pulled some actor out of their ass for this one. Anyway, super hero movies have the tendency to be pretty good at times, but unfortunately, they can just as easily bomb. This movie has been a long time coming; so, considering the preparation so far. I’m including this movie on my list.

3) The Hunger Games
I don’t really know what this movie is about because for some reason my high school took this off the reading list. All I know is that in a future society, countries choose a boy and girl to compete in a tournament where only one child leaves with their life. The survivor represents their country in something or other. I don’t know you probably know more about this than I do. Anyway, the previews of this movie convinced me that I need to read this book. So, sometime before the release of this movie I may have to bang out this book in a day or something.

2) Iron Sky
Space Nazis… That is all.

1) The Dark Knight Rises
I shouldn’t have to give a synopsis for this one, nor should I even need to explain why this is my most anticipated movie of the year. But, I will explain one vital aspect I am looking forward to: Tom Hardy as Bane. His roles in Bronson, The Warrior, and Layer Cake have opened my eyes to how incredible of an actor he is. I’m very much looking forward to his interpretation of Bane.

I would seriously have way more movies up here, but there’s some confusion over what movies are actual concepts. Also, many movies I’m looking forward to have a big fat ‘N/A’ labeling the release date. So, for now this is what I got.


  1. You forgot Breaking Dawn Part 2! ;-)

    Looking forward to Snow White as well, although I think Kristen Stewart will be one massive fail as far as casting is concerned. We shall see.

    And of course, the Dark Knight rises I will be certain to see . . . but probably once it comes out on DVD.

    Did not know Hunger Games was coming out as a flick but I'm so going to check it out. I heard the books are absolutely incredible.

    My husband will make me watch Avengers, but I can't say I'll look forward to it.

  2. This year is certainly the year of Superhero movies. The Dark Knight Rises has to be my most anticipated too, but I'm quite interested in how this Spiderman reboot will turn out (especially after the disaster that was Spiderman 3).

  3. @Your Dirty Bird
    I've never seen any of the Twilights. All I know is that when I worked at the movie theater, plenty of Patriot players came to see them. So, I don't know anything about Kristen Stewart. Also, I need to read The Hunger Games because I too heard nothing but good things about the book.

    Yeah, I forgot about the Spiderman reboots. I was definitely disappointed by the last 2 (not as much the 2nd one). I haven't seen any previews, but I hope they take the same approach and the Batman movies. I want a darker portrait of Spiderman. The last movies seemed to be too... colorful? I don't know there was just something about them.

    1. As a guy, you should never see Twilight. It might kill something inside of you.