Monday, January 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

This post has some slight spoilers. Nothing to ruin the book, though. Major spoilers are highlighted.

Sorry I broke my promise to have a post every 2 days, but recently I've been using my train time to read The Hunger Games Trilogy in time for the movies release date (March 23rd).

Anyway, I've only finished the first book, and I must say, I'm extremely excited for the movie to come out now. I'm not usually big into reading, but this book was ridiculously good. The day I finished it I had my girlfriend pick up the next book, Catching Fire, at Walmart while on the way to my house. I've been looking up the crew on, and I'm happy to see that Gary Ross is the director (Pleasantville). Also, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch? Sign me up. Couldn't think of a better character to play the part (although he's described as a stalky man in the book).

However, I am a bit dismayed that the movie is rated PG-13. I'm not going to lie; I do enjoy a graphic movie now and then, but that is not the reason that I believe it will be very difficult to properly portray the story on the big screen with such a leniant rating. It's easy to say that this book has some pretty detailed graphic scenes, but it's left to the imagination the extremity of the gore. Because of that younger teens can pick up the book and not shit their pants. But, how are you supposed to depict the graphic murder scenes in the film without showing too much bloodshed and violence? Bah, maybe my imagination has just portrayed the book to be a lot more gory than Collins intended.

*MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* (Highlight text to view)
I am mostly interested in how they are going to portray Cato's prolonged death in the movie as that scene is not exactly suitable for younger teens. I'm willing to bet they use regular old wolves instead of the mutations as it will cast away any need for explanation. Also, I was hoping the tracker jacker scene would be absolutely gory and insane, but the rating rules that out. Apparently the actors are raving about that scene though; so, let's keep our fingers crossed.
Anyway, I was thinking how sweet it would be to make this into a video game. Have 24 players enter the arena, and you basically just sit at your computer trying not to die while living off a stockpile of Cheetos and Moutain Dew. Epic.

Anyway, I know my promises mean nothing, but I will upload a better blog tomorrow. Also, if you haven't read the book, give it a shot; you won't be disappointed (unless you are and I look like a fool). Bah, anyway, I'm about a fourth of the way through the second book. I'm a slow reader.


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    1. I'm excited. Here's hoping they don't screw it up. Ah man, I feel like I'm becoming one of those "the-book-was-so-much-better" people. Let's pray I don't venture down that path.

  2. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed these. I've been seriously playing with the idea of reading them. I appreciate your highlighted text to not spoil it for me, although curiosity and the excitement of getting to highlight it to read the "secret" text was almost impossible to resist.

    1. Ah, I hope you managed to refrain from reading the highlighted text (although I tried to limit the spoilers in that section too). But, yeah the books are aimed at young adults so they are very easy reads. I particulary like them due to Collins' ability to sum up descriptions. I hate those books that take an entire page to describe a drop of rain; they bore me to tears. But, yeah I highly recommend them.

    2. RIGHT! I mean I majored in English and I know those professors love to be able to taste every word you put on a piece of paper but when they are in books, it drives me bat shit crazy. If this book steers clear of that, it's already a winner.

    3. Yeah, I was an English major myself. In one of my creative writing classes the teacher told me I needed to be more descriptive in my novel project. I filled an entire page of a guy's drive home from a trashy motel, and she loved it. Needless to say she was dumb as fuck.

  3. I hope to get around to reading this series eventually. It sounds pretty good.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. I certainly enjoyed the first book. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the second. This one isn't as fast pace as the last one, but once I get attached to the characters, I don't really care; it's still a good book. Can't wait to see what happens in the third book

      P.S. You can probably read each one in a day if you put your mind to it, but between work, this blog, and other stuff I only get about 2 hours each day to read. Plus, I'm a slowreader.