Monday, January 9, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Disturbing Scene

If you have not seen the movie, this blog will not make sense. Also, this blog contains SPOILERS for those who have not seen the movie.

Well, my girlfriend and I went to see The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo this weekend since my parents described the movie as nothing short of genius. My girlfriend and I knew very little about the movie. Neither of us had read the books; so, we went in there blind.

We entered the movie theater and the audience consisted of mostly older couples. We sat down as the lights dimmed. “Oooh,” I thought to myself, “this is going to be good” (I don’t fuckin’ know).

 *Flash forward 2.5 hours*

I actually enjoyed the movie. I left feeling that I got my money’s worth… except for one speed bump that occurred about halfway through. I’m sure many of you who’ve seen the movie know what I’m talking about.

Now, I didn’t go into the movie completely blind as my girlfriend told me upon entering that her friends mentioned there was a rape scene in the film. Alright, well I’ve seen 300, and King Leonidas’ wife gets pushed up on a bit by some horndog. That scene wasn’t very scarring. But, for fuck’s sake, nothing could’ve prepared me for this horrific, sadistic panorama. At the moment the guardian dude starts the rape process, I was hardly able to keep my eyes on the screen as my girlfriend tucked her head in her sweater and covered her ears. During this scene I glanced around the theater expecting to see people leaving or at the very least cringing. But, what I saw were completely emotionless faces. I was shocked. All these 60-something-year-olds were completely unfazed by this ridiculously disturbing scene.

This made me think about all these fuckin’ hippy articles pointing out how “desensitized” today’s youths are due to cartoon violence and video games. But, my girlfriend and I were the only ones on the verge of painting the salty ground with our puke. The only thing keeping me there was the hope that this girl would get sweet revenge on this dude (and ohhhhh she does).

But, how do these uninformed research fuckin’ hipster journalist fucks realize that it’s not just the youth that’s being desensitized, it’s all of society. Not that I care though. Anyway, I thought at first the movie was attempting to gain some shock value, but from what I read on the movie only depicted a portion of detail that the book went into. Also, in seeing that scene, I enjoyed the scene where she gets back at the dude greatly.

Ah anyway, I actually changed my mind about the scene mid-blogging seeing as my appreciation for the revenge scene was elevated in seeing how she was really treated. 


  1. I felt the same way about this...right down to the revenge part. It haunted me for days. My friend and her husband took their 2 young teenage daughters, along with one of the daughter's friends to the movies Christmas day. They had planned to see Warhorse, which was sold out.

    Now I don't know what is more amazing: The fact that when they asked the girl at the ticket counter said The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be fine for them to see or the fact that they all went in and despite being horrified, stayed through the whole movie. If I had kids with me, I woul have got up and walked out. Way to graphic for kids. Hell, I'm 37 and it was too graphic for me!

    1. Yeah, I feel like everyone I asked said the movie was fine. Not one person brought up that scene. Even my mother seemed indifferent towards the whole thing.