Sunday, January 8, 2012

Broncos Knock at The Gates of The Evil Empire

Tim Tebow led his herd of Broncos to an incredible win over Rapelisberger and his Steelers.

This game is the biggest upset I've seen since "That-Superbowl-XXLI-that-shall-not-be-named." Anyway, bravo, Broncos.

This is also one of the most exciting games I've seen even though I wasn't really concerned too much over who was going to win. I believe that the Pats would beat either team that entered their domain. After, witnessing the best defense in the league being picked apart by a quarterback with a less than healthy pass percentage, it was plain to see that our overwhelmingly intense offense will be the deciding factor come Saturday night.

A high scoring game, I predict. It's going to be a race in points as our last place defense puts up a fight against Tebow's recently found mojo, and Brady threads needles to Welker, Gronkowski, and Hernandez against the defense that stomped on Rapelisberger's "injured" ankle.

My prediction? Patriots - 38 and Broncos - 24

And, so ends my completely biased and lackluster post of the day.

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