Monday, January 2, 2012

Back In My Day...

So, being a 23 year old person, I have constantly been berated by older folk for having an "easy" life. And, in retrospect, I've had a very easy life. But, for the demographic of society that fall over the hill, it is quite ignorant to say that youths nowadays have it easier than you did.

"Buuh Durr, when I was a kid we had to go outside and play. You spoiled kids have the interwebs and television to dumb your minds."
Awesome, we do have all this great shit, but in saying that same thing you are creating a paradox. Yes, you want your children to go out and play, yet at the same time, you don't want them moving from within an inch of your sight because let's be real, there are far more mentally fucked people in the world today. Also, to say that this advancement in technology is numbing minds is completely ludicrous. I've learned more on the internet and television in one day than and proclaimed "wise" man has in his entire life.

In addition, when these self-righteous old people were in school, 8th grade consisted of multiplication tables and memorizing state capitals. Now, I'm encountering 2 year olds that can recite every U.S. president in order.
I don't know about you, but this makes me feel like a dumb piece of shit.

On to the topic of jobs.
Older folk always scold youths for not being able to get jobs. But, I wish they would stop and think about why there are no jobs. It's because they fucked up the economy for us. We can't get jobs because the economy has been torn to shreds because of careless spending on fuckin' retarded cars such as hummers that shred the already dwindling oil supply, constant relocating of houses creating a never ending stream of unneeded mortgages, and our overwhelming percentage of savings (0% link). I realize that spending boosts the economy, but spending on the leading consumers of currency isn't going to change anything. I'm not bitching about the 1% versus the 99%; fuck that, I'm arguing just for pure common sense.

Back in the day, someone can find a penny on the ground and buy a mansion. We unfortunately don't have that luxury today. The youth (I'm not including myself in the demographic) has been burdened by careless spending.

Instead, we are now forced to invest in 401(k)s as social security in pretty much guaranteed to be gone by the time of our retirement. Regular savings is no longer a viable option. Investing in risky shares is unfortunately the common choice.

So to the older fucks who don't understand that it's not the children's fault that they are forced into this situation need to use the "interwebs and television" to discover the real reason for this recession. 

But, the argue in favor for these old folk; yes, I believe that a parent should be allowed to beat the shit out of their kids.

P.S. This is only meant for the older folk that feel that they endured more hardships than anyone on the planet and they are entitled to make ignorant comments with no retaliation.

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