Monday, December 19, 2011

Twitter, Just So Y'Know

So basically, I got a Twitter profile with like 2 followers. Just thought I'd let anyone who actually reads this blog know that my Twitter profile name is 'Chiz_Chat'. I'm not huge into updating it because I usually forget that I have it, and I know no one is reading my posts. But, it's a good place to go to see what I'm actually up to in my exhilarating life and to see what my plans for the blog are. The more followers I get, the less I will forget that I have it. Anyway, I'm just giving you guys a heads up. Also, don't be turned off if I show my lack of knowledge about what propose hashtags hold.
In other news... yeah, I don't got much other news. Soon though. Soon.

P.S. Post some feedback or blog ideas on my Twitter, and I promise you I will weigh in on your ideas.

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