Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Leave Tebow Alohohone!

No talent comedian, Bill Maher, calls out Tim Tebow?

Alright, I think it's time we give Tebow a rest. He may not have the greatest pass percentage in the game, but he also doesn't have the greatest recievers either. Seriously, who does he have? Eric Decker? That's about it. He may not put on the loveliest of performances, but he gets the job done plain and simple.

Besides, his two recent losses were to very good teams: The Buffalo Bills and The New England Patriots (aka 'The Mutha Fuckas', aka 'Dem Boyz', aka 'Straight Up Ballas', aka 'Simply the Greatest Team Ever Constructed in the Game Forever'). He's still a rookie people. Keep that in mind.

Face it. The only reason he has so many haters is because he's a proclaimed Christian. Basically, every hipster liberal in American mocks him for his beliefs as they dance around fires twirling their rain sticks with cow shit smeared on their junk. Since when did it become so wrong to express your beliefs? For crying out loud, this poor kid has more haters than Muhammed Saddam Osama Husein bin Laden.

Anyway, focus on the game you fuckin' haters. If you want to make fun of his above average rookie start, then back it up with something more than bias, hippy bullshit. This is why the NFL is not made for hipsters. I'm not a Tebow lover; I'm just sick of people who know nothing about the game coming out of right field to cash in their counterfeited two cents.

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