Wednesday, December 7, 2011

African Facebook

(My best attempt at concocting a Facebook status update)

Oseye Saburi
       Roasted malaria and sand for dinner! (posted at 9:37PM)
Jibade Omariba   Ah screw you!!1 I had nothing again… fml (posted at 9:40PM)
Radhiya Zuri   Well at least you didn’t have insurgents shoot up your hut (posted at 9:42PM)
Oseye Saburi   Not feeling very well… (posted at 10:03PM)
Jibade Omariba   Oh guess it’s better that I didn’t eat again lol (posted at 10:06PM)
Radhiya Zuri   ring worm again? (posted at 10:08PM)
Cindy Smith   fuck I no exactly how you guys feel. My iphone shit the bed in the middle of    philosophy class. God does prof Higgins have an annoying voice… hmu <3 (posted at 10:17PM)

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