Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy This

The content of today’s rant is regretfully less frivolous than those previous. I know I said I would never dabble with politics, and I aim to keep that promise. The fragile topic of this post is the Occupy movement. But, don’t fret, I will attempt to keep my political views concealed and solely criticize the unfortunate course this protest has taken.

When the protest began, it was to my understanding that the 99% included all citizens under the wealthy 1%. However, recent events have shown that a majority of protesters have forgotten this. The activists believe that anyone who opposes their point of view is included in this 1% no matter their wage. I’m going to pull some South Park shit and urge them to rethink their campaign if this is what they hold true. It seems that the majority of Occupy now believes in the 70% and the 30%.

However, is this a result of a protest that has become tragically misinterpreted? I should tell you now that I work in the Financial Reserve Building by South Station in Boston. The site of Occupy Boston is located right out from of my place of work. Therefore, I can testify that the progression of this movement has been horrifically damaged and overrun by pseudo bohemians and uninformed extroverts. I walk by the site nearly every day and I see protesters waving their arms emphatically and twirling around most likely due to some psychedelic trip. I even see activists performing rain dances. These extreme leftists seem to disparage all religions, yet they resort to pagan rituals themselves. It’s pretty fuckin’ odd if you ask me.

Also, when this movement appeared in Boston, every day I worked I would see coordinated marches and speeches. Now, all I see is tattered tents and tumbleweeds. Don’t blame it on the weather either; it’s been beautiful in Massachusetts this winter.

I believe that Occupy is now stacked to the brim with unknowledgeable hipsters and drug traffickers. This video below proves my point:

What got me started on this topic today was after getting my 5th medium-blueberry-iced-coffee-with-milk-n-sugar I happened to witness one of the protesters approaching a nearby police officer to report a theft within the site. This frustrated me because these people are doing unto each that which they accuse the 1% of doing. They are receiving donations from several localized businesses, but they seen to lack restraint in delivering harm unto each other.

Void of whether I support these ideas of not, Occupy needs to get its shit together. Also, sorry I'm so unorganized with my rants.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry if I’ve offended anyone. But, I am sorry for writing about serious stuff. On a lighter note, anyone think that King Hyperion is the most badass villain to hit the theaters since Heath Ledger’s Joker?

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