Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black and Red Friday

Man dies after collapsing in shopping center during Black Friday (Link)

Phew, and I thought America was beginning to have a soul. Am I seriously the only one that sees this coming every Black Friday? Have these department stores realized that they need stationed guards and mounted turrets to keep these fuckin’ animals under control? You think they’d learn.

And I can definitely imagine the thoughts of the soulless shoppers that passed over the poor man’s body. “Was that a dead guy? Ah well, I’m too far past him. The next customer will help him out.” Oh, and future warning to those of you with heart conditions: You wouldn’t put yourself in the midst of a herd of buffalo. Why is this situation any different? Animals are animals.

P.S. At least this man had some good taste. It was Target he was at after all.

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