Monday, November 21, 2011

Again, Sorry

Once again, the evil demon of procrastination has got the best of me. I am also once again sorry for the terrible blog entry. I have horrific bags under my eyes; so, I'm going to make this quick before I turn into a cartoon character.

My brain is sore from the overload of bullshit. No, it's not aching from the intake of bullshit rather the output. What could cause this rare event of overflowing bullshit expel-age? My Western Philosophy paper of course! Similar to my blog post dismantling the inspiration of poetry, philosophy requires the same vomit meets paper technique. I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about in the paper, but let's leave it to the good old excuse: "I'm leaving it up to interpretation."

And, since I let you guys down once more, here's a silly video to make you giggle:

The only thing that got me through that paper was imagining this is how Socrates truly was.

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